Starving For The Awe Of God


Some stirring words by Drew Dyck in his book Yawning At Tigers: You Can’t Tame God, So Stop Trying

People are starving for the awe of God.

Most don’t know it, of course, they think they’re starving for success or money or excitement or acceptance–you name it. But here’s the problem. Even those fortunate enough to satisfy these cravings find they are still hungry. Hungrier, even.

Why? Because they’ve left untouched the most ancient and aching need, the one stitched into the fabric of their souls: to know and love a transcendent God.

I believe that once you strip away all our shallow desires and vain pursuits, it’s God we’re after. And not just any god. We have enough friends. We need a great and awesome God. A God worth worshipping.

We thirst for transcendence and long to be loved. In the full portrayal of God found in Scripture, we find both.

Our souls find satisfaction only in the God who is grand enough to worship and close enough to love. We need a home, but we also crave adventure. The greatest adventure is to seek God.

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