Social Media: Starring In Our Own Show?


Profound thoughts on social media from Mike Cosper in his book, The Stories We Tell: How TV And Movies Long For And Echo The Truth

One way to understand social media is as a vehicle for self-broadcasting. When we post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we’re projecting an image of ourselves to the world. 

Our presence on social media is a story we’re telling about who we are, and like the production of a reality TV show, it’s all about the editing. What we share and don’t share on social media is shaped by how we want the world to see us. With the click of a button, we can open and close doors of connectivity. No awkward conversations. Rare repercussions. Easily managed, easily edited lives.

Social media also provides a profound illusion; our mobile devices are designed to make us fell like the whole digital world is all about us. Our tailored choices about who we want to hear from (and who we don’t) are in place already. We open an app and feel “connected,” when in fact we haven’t connected at all; we’ve actually disconnected from the people immediately around us. 

At any moment, we can escape into a private world that’s tailored to us and that is eager for our next picture, our next status update, our next link–a world complete with a built-in system of rewards for worthy content: retweets, likes, and so on. On the web, we all star in our own show. We glory in ourselves. 


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