Lists Of Best Books Read In 2014


I always enjoy seeing what others are reading for by doing so, I usually come away adding some books to my own personal reading list. Since it is the end of the year, many folks post their top books of the year. Below is a list of a few of the lists. Hopefully it will inspire you to read in 2015.

  1. Aaron Armstrong’s top books of 2014. 
  2. TGC (Together for the Gospel) Staff Site Best Books from 2014. 
  3. Tim Challies Top Books of 2014. 
  4. Trevin Wax’s Favorite Ten Reads of 2014. 
  5. Kevin DeYoung’s Top Ten Books of 2014. 
  6. One Sentence Book Reviews by Philip Nation. 
  7. Christianity Today’s 2015 Book Awards. 
  8. Biblical Foundations Best of 2014 (This list is a bit more technical in regards to theology and Biblical studies)


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