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Here are some articles, etc… I have found around the web this week that have been helpful…

I Have All The Time I Need – Tim Challies writes: There is a cost to busyness, but there is a more subtle cost to being perceived as busy. When people believe that I’m busy, they also believe that I am unapproachable.

When Things Get Complicated, Remember the Basics – Trevin Wax writes a great reminder to us that though our society becomes more complex in regards to technology and ethics, some things remain the same. Jesus saves. So love God. Love people. The basics never change.

Making Space for Hard Questions – This article here by Fuller Youth Institute has some helpful advice in providing space for teenagers to ask and struggle with the hard questions of the faith.  A lot of kids are wrestling with tough questions alone and in silence. This does not have to be. 

Avoiding Short Lived Ministry – A huge part of ministry is constantly training up others, releasing others, and empowering others, so that they can replicate what you do or replace you when you’re done. -Kevin DeYoung

Gone Fishin’ – A Forgotten Model of Ministry –  What is a minister of the Gospel? The most common answers include models like Shepherd, Servant, Preacher, Theologian, Teacher, Counselor, Leader, and so on. But one model that’s rarely thought about or spoken about today is the first model that Jesus used – Fisherman (Matt. 4:19). -David Murray

Something More. This video portrays how one man changed the course of history. Even without the mention of his name, you know who it is.


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