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You’re Waking Up Wrong – Own a smartphone? Do you start the day checking email, Facebook, etc…. If so, it’s a stressful way to start the day, but so many of us do it. We can’t help it.

Three Tips on Being a Friend of Sinners If Jesus was a friend of sinners, we should be too, it seems — somehow, someway. And instantly, this discussion can drift into a much bigger one about Christians and culture and all that.

 REST – This is not about sleep but about a model for making meetings meaningful. Have you been in a boring or meaningless meeting lately? If so, you might want to take a look at this.

99 Resources to Make Your Personal and Business Life Hum – The right tool can make me more efficient and save hours of my time.

7 Reasons We Don’t Make Disciples – Today, mentoring young people is the most fulfilling thing I do. I enjoy preaching to crowds, but if I have to choose between speaking to an audience of a thousand or talking to a small group of spiritually hungry young leaders, I would choose the latter every time. That’s because relational discipleship is the lost art of Jesus and the secret of New Testament ministry.

Christians Get Depressed Too – David Murray, in relation to his book Christians Get Depressed Too, has released 5 short videos about Christians and depression. These videos present five Christians with five very different stories of depression and of how God gave them hope and help to recover

Love People, Not Evangelism

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