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Four Lessons From The Super Bowl Losers – The Seattle Seahawks narrowly lost yesterday’s Super Bowl. Commentators continue to criticize the play leading to the interception that cost them the game. Few are congratulating them for coming so close to repeating as champions.

Needing Guidance? 30 Questions To Ask – Given the dozens of books about guidance on the market, it’s obvious that knowing God’s will is a huge concern for most Christians. But how? How can we know God’s will for us?

Overcoming Juvenilization In The Church – Do you think the church has been juvenilized? What is the #1 sign of it for you in your context?

Spending An Evening With Atheists – This was easily the most hostile group I have ever addressed in thirty-six years of public speaking.

Church On Fire: Persecution In Niger – There is a strange paradox in much of the church today. The very things Jesus promised would happen if we follow him are often the very things that cause us to doubt his presence and love. But what if the supposed detours in life are the direct route to true blessing?

The Only Solution To World Poverty – There is only one effective solution to world poverty. It is the only solution that has ever worked or will ever work. It is evident from the history of every wealthy nation today, and it is consistent with the teachings of the Bible about productivity, property, government, and personal moral values.

The Drop Box – The Official Movie Trailer – Hundreds of babies are abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea every year, but one brave pastor has made it his mission to save them. 

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