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The Real Reason Young Adults Drop Out Of Church –  The young adults who do drop out of church often lack a first-hand faith—a faith of their own—and a relationship with Christ that matters deeply in their own personal life apart from their parent’s pressure.

Our Moral Compass Is Turned Toward Self-Righteousness – Say “self-righteous” and people are likely to think of super-spiritual religious person who looks down on everyone else for their failure to attain the same standard of holiness. The truth is however, everyone is turned toward self-righteousness. 

No, I Won’t Pray For YouIt’s the easiest thing in the world to say: “Yes, I’ll pray about that.” And it’s the easiest thing to neglect. The list of all the things I’ve said I’d pray for but then forgotten about would stretch from here to next year. So I’ve started to say, “No, I won’t pray for you.” I am still not entirely comfortable with it, but I think it’s the right thing to do.

The Most Satisfying Careers – Interesting list!

Prayer In The Facebook Age – Prayer must become a practice among our children, and if we can use the bait of social media to plant it into their daily affairs, then we may have faith that the call of God will, sometimes, entice them more than the news of their friends.  

How Do We Get Programmed To Crave Twitter Attention? – How do social media encourage expectations of instant audience response and routinize all sorts of information about ourselves?

A Brief History Of The Shopping Mall

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