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How A French Atheist Becomes A TheologianIf French atheists rarely become evangelical Christians, how much rarer it is for one to become an evangelical Christian theologian. So what happened? One might argue that with 66 million French people, I’m just a fluke, an anomaly. I am inclined to see it as the work of a God who says, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy” (Rom. 9:15).

A Romantic View Of Ministry – Without wishing to demean or diminish the value of the plethora of lawful and necessary vocations in the world, I would insist that being called into pastoral ministry is the highest calling a man may receive in this life. That being said, there is a danger for men who are pursuing ministry to fall into what some have called “a romantic view of ministry.” 

The Presence Of Mind To Be Present –  One practical way that love expresses itself is by our presence with others when we are actually with them.

Does Playing Music Boost Productivity? – Music is for the ears what coffee is for the mouth: fuel!

Resolve To Be A Life-Long Learner – Wisdom does not come automatically with age (Job 32:8–9). You’ll find plenty of foolish old fogies out there.

Leaving Behind A Jesus Created In Our Image – People want Jesus in their own image, which is ironic because Jesus came so we could be remade in His image.

Christmas Is For Sharing – Powerful commercial built upon a true story of truce in 1914.

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