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Here’s Where Your Neighbors Are Theologically – A recent poll by LifeWay Research, sponsored by Ligonier Ministries, surveyed Americans on a variety of theological issues in order to, in the words of Stephen Nichols, “take the temperature of America’s theological health.”

Did “The Church” Hurt You Or “A Church?” – No one has ever been hurt by THE church. Many people have been hurt by A church. And the difference matters.

The Imminent Decline of Contemporary Worship Music – If the ratio of contemporary-to-traditional was rising twenty years ago, it is falling now; the ratio is now in decline, and I suspect that decline will continue for the foreseeable future. What follows is a painfully abbreviated list of eight reasons why I think this change is happening.

Evangelism Is Fueled By Knowing God Is At Work –  Have you become discouraged in evangelism? Have your eyes grown weary from looking for fruit? Are you wondering if the problem is more with you than them?

The Most Honest Atheist In The World – What a refreshing blast of humble and honest air! You cannot but admire such a sincere, transparent, and honorable atheist.

7 Reasons Some Churches Experience Revitalization (While Others Don’t) – I recently categorized those reasons some churches experience revitalization. I then compared them to churches that have not been revitalized. I found seven differences between the two sets of churches. These are the seven traits unique to the revitalized churches…

How Evangelism Creates Consumers

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