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3 Ways To Recognize Bad Stats – We need to be shrewd when it comes to statistics and reality: things are not always as they seem.

Are Young Christians “Embarrassingly Ignorant” of Their Faith? – A Christian professor is tackling the claim that young believers are “embarrassingly ignorant” of their faith in a new book intended to answer some of theology’s most asked questions.

The Daily Routine of Geniuses – For these geniuses, a routine was more than a luxury — it was essential to their work.

Ten Things To Do During Suffering – We will all suffer, of that there is no doubt. It is strange, then, that we are often unprepared for it. With that in mind, a useful exercise is to summarize Scripture and identify what words of God can guide us when things are hard. 

Why It Is So Easy To Doubt Christianity – Christianity is the easiest religion to doubt. In fact, I think I would go as far to say followers of Christ doubt their faith more than followers of any other God.

This could be the solution to our addiction to smart phones!


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