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Why Does God Let Me Stay So Weak? – Why does God let us stay so weak at times? Why is it so hard to put sin to death? Why do we struggle and fail so much? Why are we so often weak in our faith?

Creating A Culture of Evangelism – If we want to create a culture of evangelism in our churches, I believe there are at least 5 things that we must do.

Never Resist The Urge To Pray – The urge to pray does not come from your flesh or the devil, but from God. It is God who is urging and drawing his children to pray.

The Danger of Measurable Outcomes – It is all too easy to get caught up in the sensational and forget the significant.

What Victoria Osteen Got Right – Check out what David Murray has to say about all the hoopla concerning Victoria Osteen’s recent comments regarding God wanting us to be happy. Was she entirely wrong?

Christ Did Not Die For You To Do Keg Stands – Here are a few suggestions on how to begin formulating a Christian response to drinking on our college campuses.

Kid President’s Talk to Teachers and Students

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