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The Goal Of The Christian Life – When asked what is the goal of the Christian life, a typical mantra heard in evangelical circles is the knee-jerk response, “To become Christ-like.”

A Technology Fast From Everything *Except* The Internet – A few months ago, I moved my family from hot and sunny North Texas to cold and rainy northern England so I could start a PhD on digital Bible use. I hoped to learn a lot about technology, but I what I didn’t expect on was how much the move itself would teach me.

God Does Not View Your Labors As “Filthy Rags” – So what does God think of our good works after we are saved?

Why Read The Bible Everyday? – So why read the Bible? And why every day? Dozens of reasons could be mentioned. Here are a few of the most important: daily Bible reading is how we calm down, tank up, get wisdom, go deep, get busy, and commune with God.

5 Ways To Be A Better Atheist –  I rarely (if ever) see atheists who are seeking truth more than they are seeking emotional confirmation. Most atheists are fundamentalists with lots of claims to intellectual engagement, but little evidence of it.

On The Selfie And The Self – The self is much too elusive to be captured by a phone snap.

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