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Why The Last Five Year Of Your Life Have Disappeared Feel like time is flying by and you’ve got nothing to show for it? There are scientific reasons for that. 

12 Books That Showcase the Grand Narrative of Scripture – Trevin Wax, author of Gospel-Centered Teaching, lists 12 books that are helpful in grasping “the story” of Scripture.

Six Ways Your iPhone Is Changing You – An interesting interview with David Wells and Douglas Groothuis. For a quick look at the six questions that are asked in this interview, check out Tim Chester’s page.

Working From Coffee Shops Could Be Destroying Your Productivity  This is for all the coffee shop folks.

The Bible is First A Story, Not Propositions or Commands – It is no accident that the Bible comes to us primarily by way of narrative—but not just any narrative. Here we have the grandest narrative of all — God’s own story.

10 Steps To Help Seekers Find The Lord – Some helpful thoughts in pointing others to Christ.

The Empty Pickle Jar Movie – Simple truth on managing time.

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