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9 Things Rich People Do Differently Every Day – Interesting discoveries of those who are wealthy…not that we should do these things just to be wealthy!

5 Specific Prayers For The Unsaved – There are people all around you who need Jesus. He wants to use you to reach them. Here are some of the specific ways you too can pray for people the in your life who need Christ.

15 Benefits of the Word of God – If you’re wondering how to come to the Word today, consider these 15 beautiful benefits of Scripture.

14 Sobering Reminders When Confronting Sin – These reminders keep us serious, humble, and prayerful throughout the process of dealing with sin. 

A Simple Timeline of Acts – This is helpful for those who like to get the “big picture.”

A Surprising Trait In Leadership – The most important character trait of a leader is one that you’re more likely to associate with a dull person than a dynamic leader: predictability. The more predictable you are, day after day, the better. 

Tim Hawkins: Hand Raising and Sanitizer – This never gets old!!

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