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Here’s some interesting and helpful stuff around the web this week…

All The “One Another” Passages in Scripture – “Love one another.” “Bear one another’s burdens.” “Forgive one another.” The New Testament gives Christians a lot of “one another” instructions: things we should  do on behalf of our family in Christ. 

Nine Practical Pointers for Plodders – Jon Bloom writes: Purpose to be a plodder. A plodder keeps moving. A plodder perseveres. A plodder presses on. A plodder knows the disappointment of unrealized ideals, feels the fear of failure and exposed deficiencies, and the ambiguity of too many demands, options, and tasks. But a plodder isn’t immobilized by them. He or she presses on in the faith that God will supply the needed strength (1 Peter 4:11), wisdom (James 1:5), and direction (Proverbs 3:6).

8 Ways to Get More Done This Week – Some helpful thoughts by Tim Challies on productivity.

The Most Dangerous Idol of The Next Generation –  Tyler McKenzie writes: The most dangerous idol of my generation is freedom. That’s why we stake claims to our own version of truth, because we want freedom. We don’t want anyone telling us how to live. That’s captivity! Accepting your version of truth means sacrificing my personal freedom. So in the name of freedom, subjectivity rules.

American Bible Reading Statistics – The number of people in America who do not identify with any religion may be at an all-time high, but the Bible still holds an important place in the lives of many Americans, a new report suggests.

God’s Not Dead – Is God dead? Not in academia. As someone who teaches philosophy at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, Vince Vitale is well placed to know what the top scholarship says about God. Vince shows how in the fields of philosophy and sociology, God is very much alive. If you think intellectual objections undermine belief in God, Vince suggests that you may be unaware of the arguments at the highest level. 

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