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Why Younger Evangelicals May Feel Uneasy In A Patriotic Church Service – In my experience, I find that many younger evangelicals are turned off by ”God and country” type services. And many younger evangelical leaders in established churches find themselves in a quandary whenever July 4 rolls around.

The Danger of Coasting – I see in my own life a tendency to coast—to coast in my relationships, to coast in my pursuit of godliness, to coast in my pursuit of God himself.

How Jesus Loves, How We Change Jesus loves life, grace and holiness into us; he loves us into covenant, loves us into heaven.

When We Best Learn The Bible –  Sound Bible study is rooted in a celebration of delayed gratification. Gaining Bible literacy requires allowing our study to have a cumulative effect — across weeks, months, years — so that the interrelation of one part of Scripture to another reveals itself slowly and gracefully, like a dust cloth slipping inch by inch from the face of a masterpiece.

Where Have All The Cultists Gone? The first symptom we might expect of genuine American secularization would be the disappearance of cults, and a precipitous decline in activism and enthusiasm on the spiritual fringe, which is exactly what has taken place over the past two decades. … Perhaps secularization really is looming.

33 Under 33Meet the millennials. They are 33 and younger. They are all on Twitter. And they are bringing innovation to the wide-ranging work of the kingdom. Behold, they are doing a new thing.

What Is Hell?

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