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100 Bible Knowledge Questions – How much literate are you of the Bible? This test may help you decide.

Are Youth Groups Bad? A Rant on Bad Research – Research shows that youth groups are bad for our students, right? Not so fast.

10 Characteristics Shared By Great Leaders – I’ve just finished one of the most enjoyable books on leadership I’ve ever read. It’s called View From The Top: An Inside Look at How People in Power See and Shape the World. It’s the result of a remarkable 10-year study of 550 elite American CEOs, senior government leaders, and nonprofit executives. From my reading of the book, I’d like to share with you the 10 factors I picked out that most of these leaders seem to have in common.

Nine Heartfelt Things Church Members Would Like To Say To Their Pastors Hear these heartfelt words from church members who love their pastors, from men and women who truly desire the best for them.

Satan’s Lies About Prayer – It’s a fair bet that most Christians would see prayer as a vital component of our relationship with God. We can bring our worries and troubles to our Father, we can ask for anything in Jesus’ name, we can be confident in our approach to God because of the blood of our saviour—these are all things we affirm and love.

8 Ways To Comfort The Suffering – “People suffer differently.” So the process of discipling them through their pain will look different depending upon the person you are walking through the shadow lands with.

Why Youth Ministers Need To Be Theologians

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