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How To Memorize Entire Books of The Bible – There’s no magic to memorizing long passages of Scripture.  It takes hard work, but anyone can do it.

The Church Afraid of LeadershipWe find leadership throughout the Scriptures. You can’t miss it.

8 Causes of Spiritual Depression – Most of us go through real times of spiritual melancholy in the Christian life. They can be brief or entire seasons in which, as Gisbertus Voeitus said, a person “fails to feel his or her heart’s delight in God and divine things.”

How Christians Are Responding to the Noah Movie – It’s a movie that’s made waves among evangelicals (pun intended), but let’s be honest: we’re not all in the same boat here. In fact, I struggle to remember any film that has drawn so much praise and criticism from churchgoing Christians.

7 Things a Good Dad Says –  I have found myself thinking back to the many models of fatherhood I have seen and admired through the years. What made these fathers admirable? What set them apart? What was it that they said to their children? From these models I have drawn seven things a good father says.

Ways to Restore Zeal When Sharing Your Faith – Hundreds of Christians are martyred every day for their faith. Yet, today, most Christians in the western church will be silent, afraid, or unmoved by the lostness around them.

How Modern Evangelism Creates Consumers 

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