5 Things To Learn From The San Antonio Spurs

Even if you are not a Spurs fan, or even a fan of basketball, there are some things we can appreciate and learn from the way they play basketball.

1. Team comes first.

So many times we promote the individual and we leave out what’s important…TEAM. The Spurs are not seeking a lot glamour. They have gotten over themselves.

Their attitude is: I have a shot, you have a better shot.

2. Character is critical.

The Spurs don’t get knuckleheads, they don’t get clowns, they don’t get guys with huge egos, they get guys that do what they are told to do.

3. There are times to lead and times to follow.

The Spurs know how to execute a game plan. They do what they are told and they do it with class. Players believe in their coaches and the coaches believe in their players. They each give credit to each other.

Each person on the team has a role and they accept it. Each knows when he needs to lead and when he needs to follow.

4. Commitment is vital.

The Spurs understand what they want and are committed to it. Everybody is in the same circle and they believe in it. They are all in it together.

5. It’s not always about the glitz.

If you are a purist about the game of basketball, you watch the Spurs play. If you want the glitz and glamour, you may watch another team.

How can we miss what the Spurs do night in and night out? The Spurs play basic fundamental basketball and we need to appreciate what they are doing. They do all the little things well. How is it that we don’t appreciate what they do?


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