The Need For Biblical Leaders


We are in a cultural storm and in such a time and in such a place, the healing power of biblical leadership is needed. In a world in which individual pleasure is everything, in which pain is avoided, the biblical leader with eyes upon the cross walks hand in hand with God into suffering and pain.

In a culture that is increasingly fragmentary, episodic, and confused, the biblical leader acknowledges a sweeping cosmic drama, a narrative that binds together the universe.

In a time in which the individual’s rights and desires are unquestioned, the biblical leader lives as a slave to Christ, looking to His guidance rather than personal preference in order to make decisions. 

In a society of the spectacle, which reduces everything and everyone to the superficial, the biblical leader cultivates an inner world, born out of communion with the living God. The biblical leader’s world, actions, attitudes, and behaviors are a witness to Jesus’ victory on the cross and His resurrection on the third day. 

(from Facing Leviathan: Leadership, Influence, and Creating In a Cultural Storm by Mark Sayers)

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