The Gospel-Wakened Church


Jared Wilson, in his book Gospel Wakefulness, lists 6 ways in which a gospel-wakened church seeks to live.

1. The gospel-wakened church resolves to love their neighbors.

The gospel-wakened church resolves to live for those outside its walls, to give herself away in love and on missions. She makes Christ’s business to seek and save the lost her business. When awe of Jesus captures a church, her people become missionaries to their own communities and contexts, making this vow: “Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.” And there is no greater good than Christ, no firmer foundation than him.

2. The gospel-wakened church resolves to look foolish.

A gospel-wakened church is a resolute church that embraces the loss of her reputation for the gain of God’s glory. She is willing to look stupid, irrational, impractical, silly…for the right reasons. She will spend as much or more time and money on others as she does herself; she will send her people into the farthest reaches of the world to die; she will eat and drink with sinners; she will welcome the broken and weary; she will favor the meek and lowly; she will cherish the powerless; she will serve and suffer and savor the sweetness of the good news. 

3. The gospel-wakened church resolves to trust God’s Word.

The gospel-wakened church knows where truth is, she knows where hope is, she knows where wisdom is. She trusts no other words but the Scriptures.

4. The gospel-wakened church resolves to live in Christ-centered harmony.

With Christ’s glory beheld by mutual vision, the gospel-wakened church is harmonized, each distinct voice and gift joined in the unity of the gospel.

5. The gospel-wakened church resolves to be worshipful.

The gospel-wakened church can’t help but worship. Her affections are renewed, her sense of worship is wakened to the one true God above all gods. 

6. The gospel-wakened church resolves to glory in the gospel.

How did Christ welcome us? With grace, despite our sin. With embrace, despite our demerits. With cover, despite our shame. With love, despite our animosity. With sacrifice, despite our unworthiness. That is how Christ welcomed us. The gospel-wakened church welcomes each other in that way, for God’s glory. 

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