MLK 2015


Is Martin Luther King, Jr. still important? Yes. Do we still have much to learn? Most definitely. Below are a few recently posted articles about MLK that I have found both interesting and challenging.

On Evangelicals And Civil Rights: MLK Day 2015 – There are few topics in American history that have as much contemporary relevance in the classroom as Civil Rights and race matters.

Why So Many Are Surprised At The State of Race Relations? – A major problem in understanding race relations in the United States is that we tend to understand race, racism, and the form of racialization as constants rather than as variables. This view has grave implications.

The Most Segregated Hour of The Week – Reflections on church diversity by Ed Stetzer.

Selma – Six reasons why the story still matters.

MLK Still Matters – Reflecting on Dr. King and his legacy, our country has made great strides, but we have hardly achieved the vision Dr. King longed for. Our nation desperately wants racial unity, but apart from the gospel, those efforts will continue to be in vain.

How MLK Made A Better World In Just 10 Years – When Martin Luther King Jr. accepted the ministerial call from Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, he was just twenty-five years old. That was 1954. What King accomplished over the next decade would radically reshape American society and provide an example and inspiration for us today. So what was his secret?


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