Meaningless Activities Will Overtake Our Lives


Words of warning from Mark Sayers on our culture and where it is leading us…

In a superflat culture where nothing matters, we escape into obsessions and hobbies, interests that bear little ultimate consequence. In a commodified culture, we move and shift around meaning, giving weight to things that do not deserve mountains of time and attention. The twenty-first century will be marked by conspicuous consumption but also a flagrant misuse of time.

Millions of hours in the twenty-first century will be spent working through DVD TV series, scanning social network sties, gorging on celebrity gossip, downloading music, flipping through home magazines, and playing computer games. Things will take precedence over people. Meaningless activities will overtake our lives. There is nothing wrong with interests and hobbies in their right place, but the twenty-first-century will gorge on such activities.

The Road Trip That Changed Everything, pg 109

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