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Faith and Reason: Is Christianity Irrational? – Should Christians believe what is unreasonable? That’s the question here. I’m more concerned for the moment with Christians who consider the best faith blind faith in what is irrational. My question to secularists is from Pascal: “Do you love by reason?” And I would say to them what he said: “The heart has reasons the reason knows not of.”

Field Trip to a Junkyard – How can we teach our children the emptiness of materialism in a direct and memorable way? Take them to a garage sale and show them how things that people spent great amounts of money on are now sold for pennies.

Church is For Messy People – Church should be a place where messy people feel comfortable. When I say “messy people”, I don’t mean people who are willfully engaging in unrepentant sin. I mean people who are seeking to follow Jesus, but who often find themselves struggling, and falling, and failing. I’m talking about the weak, weary, and worn out.

The Problem With Seeking God’s Will – I have spent too much of my life, and my prayer life, asking for God to lead me into His “perfect will”. “God lead me”. “Guide me”. “Use me”. “Bless me”. While I know that God is a gracious, condescending God who meets us wherever we are, I sometimes wonder if God has been up there saying….

Top Ten Causes of Depression in Pastors – As Pastors and Ministers, we have had opportunities to experience the highs of ministry and being used by God to bring healing in many situations. Unfortunately, on the flip side, many pastors have difficulty fighting through the challenges of ministry. The expectation is that the pastor would never reach the depths of depression, but persevere despite all challenges.

5 Observations About Younger Southern Baptists – What about younger Southern Baptists? What does the future of the SBC look like?

Kevin Durant’s MVP Award Acceptance Speech – POWERFUL!


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