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“God’s Not Dead” and the Angry Atheist Professor: That Was Not My Experience – I’m concerned that the movie God’s Not Dead perpetuates a false stereotype: that of the bully atheist philosophy professor who is out to destroy every Christian student’s faith. I’m sure there are some of those professors out there. But I doubt that they are a majority.

I Didn’t Have Time – This actually means, “it wasn’t important enough.” It wasn’t a high priority, fun, distracting, profitable or urgent enough to make it to the top of the list.

Youth-Driven Culture – The trend of exalting youth and sidelining the elderly stems from a deeper problem summed up in the expression, “Newer is better.” We celebrate the new and innovative while looking down on the past and tradition. There is a compelling vitality to youth and to new ideas, but that does not mean there is no wisdom to be found in the past.

Why Some Teachers Are Banning Laptops From The Classroom – Notes taken by hand are almost always more useful than typed notes, because more thoughtful selectivity goes into them; plus there are multiple cognitive benefits to writing by hand. And people who use laptops in class see their grades decline — and even contribute to lowering the grades of other people.

My Students Don’t Know How to Have a Conversation –
Students’ reliance on screens for communication is detracting—and distracting—from their engagement in real-time talk.

The Best Jobs of 2014 – According to CareerCast’s “Best Jobs of 2014” report, employers are paying big bucks to lure employees that understand data, code and math (which really translates to “data analytics”). In fact, jobs that depend on these geeky skills comprise half of the top 10 jobs of 2014.

18 Principles From Pixar’s Culture – The new book from Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar, is a must-read. Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration is fascinating in its portrayal of Pixar’s history of successes and failures, and insightful in its boiling down of Pixar experience into transferable principles. Here are 18 lessons we can learn from the book. 

Cancer Is Terrible. Christ is Better.

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