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What Small Churches Can Do – Many smaller churches feel extremely limited by their size, believing that they simply cannot do much of what they would like to do, or believe they should do. 

The Real Reason We Fail To Pray The real reason we fail to pray isn’t because we’re too busy, too distracted, or too untrained. The real reason we fail to pray is because we’re too confident.

Americans Say Colleges Should Still Fund Student Religious Groups That Restrict Leadership By Their Beliefs and Practices – A dispute over who can lead student religious groups has left Americans uneasy, but few want to see groups punished for requiring their leaders to hold specific beliefs or practices.

13 Needs That Christianity Meets – Why did you become a Christian? For most people, though, the answer is closer to “because it met my needs.” But what needs does Christianity meet?

The Most Important Step In Becoming More Like Jesus Christ – The first step to become more like Christ is to behold his glory in his Word. That’s why it’s so important for us to regularly take in Scripture. For as we read or listen to God’s word we behold Jesus, and the Holy Spirit transforms us into his image.

What I Learned From Pastoring A 106 Year Old Widow – If you have these kinds of elderly folk in your church, consider yourself blessed. If you don’t, I’m sad for you—for there are many lessons to learn from the faithful widows all around us.

89 Year Old Scores Touchdown

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