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It’s The Little Things It’s the little things that members of a church or church plant do that help the ministry thrive—and without which the growth of the local church would be greatly hindered.

22 Benefits Of Meditating on Scripture – Some great thoughts here on encouraging you to meditate upon God’s Word.

The Life & Mission Of St. Patrick – Patrick’s work firmly planted the Christian faith in Irish soil and left a deep imprint on the Celtic church that would grow up from this soil. 

Poptarts, Budweiser, and Leadership – Poptarts and Budweiser. I am endorsing neither, but one of these brands has experienced 25 years of consecutive decline and one has experienced 30 years of consecutive growth.

A Glimpse Of Grace: This Is NOT A Disney World – We would all love to live in a Disney World, where everything and everyone are clear-cut and perfect. The “bad guys” are always caught, and the problems always solved. Someone else picks up the litter and delivers our snacks.

Legalism Is Your Spiritual Illusion – If you’re living in a narrative that tells you God’s love for you is contingent on your performance, you’ve been told a lie. There is not a scripture in the Bible where Jesus tells us that God only loves us when we get it all right. 

It All Points To Christ

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