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Where Everyone in the World is Migrating – It’s no secret that the world’s population is on the move, but it’s rare to get a glimpse of where that flow is happening. In a study released in today’s Science, a team of geographers used data snapshots to create a broad analysis of global migrations over 20 years.

What Americans Like Best About Their Favorite Teachers – What attribute do Americans find most compelling in the teacher they have identified as having the greatest impact on their lives?

Knowledge and Zeal – Zeal without knowledge is dangerous because we can be deeply and sincerely passionate and completely misguided because we don’t know the truth. Knowledge without zeal is equally dangerous. We can become scholastic bookworms who seek to know more and more about God without knowing Him. What is needed is both zeal and knowledge. 

Millennials and the false “gospel of nice” – One might argue that young evangelicals aren’t fleeing core conservative institutions, but flooding them. Perhaps the doom and gloom story seems familiar – if also wrong – because we’ve heard it so many times before. As young scholar Matthew Lee Anderson puts it, the “change or die narrative is presented as a perennial problem.”

Distracted From Shepherding a Child’s Heart – At some point, putting the phone down becomes a matter of spiritual warfare.

How To Share Your Faith Without Being A Jerk Why do we sometimes come off like insensitive jerks when telling others about Jesus? I think it comes down to the too-often “forced” nature of our presentations of the gospel. No one needs the way we present the gospel to be a sharp stick that is poked in their eye.

Tim Hawkins on Multitasking – Tim always helps me to laugh at myself!

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