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10 Ways To Hate People – 10 ways to hate people, which Paul says comes very naturally to us (Titus 3:3).

Why The Reality Of The Resurrection Means You Don’t Need A “Bucket List” – For the Christian, death is not the end of adventure, but our exit from a world where dreams and adventures shrink, and entrance into a world where dreams and adventures forever expand.

Three Muslim Misconceptions About ChristiansHere are three misconceptions that most Muslims have about Christians that keep them from even considering the gospel.

A Pattern Among Fallen Pastors – Lessons For Us All – These findings are applicable for pastors, plumbers, stay at home moms, and anyone else who seeks to follow Christ.

Facebook Research And Setting Our Minds On Things Above – What people read in their newsfeeds impacted their moods, posts, and interactions. And surely much more than their online behavior was impacted. What they filled their minds with impacted how they lived.

A Young Theologian Reflects On An Incurable Cancer Diagnosis – After my diagnosis, I prayerfully immersed myself in Scripture, especially the Psalms. New biblical and theological questions were becoming urgent… I decided to honestly take on the tough theological and existential questions rather than dodge them. They are the questions that I live with. And frequently, they are the questions that other Christians who have experienced loss live with as well.

Meet the Gutsy Dad That Started a Car Wash to Help His Son Find Purpose

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