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7 Confidence Boosters In Evangelism Our evangelism-less experience doesn’t spring from ignorance; it springs from a lack of boldness and confidence in Christ.

7 Millennial Traits That Baby Boomers Need To Learn Millennials are flooding into corporate America, and many baby boomer managers, entrepreneurs and leaders are re-evaluating what it means to be a millennial–what their needs and passions are.

Christian Media Barely Reaching Beyond The Faithful – Christian broadcasters have a devoted following, with about two-thirds of weekly churchgoers and evangelicals saying they tune in to Christian radio and television on a regular basis. Christian books have a similar use by churchgoers and evangelicals and Christian movies remain popular, with about 4 in 10 Americans having seen one in the last year. But many Americans ignore Christian media. 

Secular Society And The Allure Of Isis – Although having a greater stake in one’s own community may help to deter some from experiencing the kind of alienation that can lead to the embrace of radical ideologies, the fertile ground for religious terrorists coming from the West is far more likely to be the secular character of Western culture itself.

You’re Not Crazy Serving Christ gets hard. Harder than we expected. Harder than we can endure, even for one more day. We are tempted to think, “No way can this turn out well. My life – the only one I have – is going to end up on the junk pile. I must be crazy to be out here doing this, taking these risks, getting hammered with this criticism, paying this price. The body count in ministry is high, and I’m the next casualty. How on earth did I ever get here?”

A Brief History of “Missional” – Just because we talk about being missional doesn’t mean we are. It is easier to talk about missional living than it is to live it out.

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