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We Are Gomer – The story of Hosea and Gomer reminds us that God loves us not because of our faithfulness, but because of his. Christ saves, and continues to intercede for, the bride who covets other men. Until we see God face-to-face, we will continue to be drawn to other things. But for now, our Husband stands and fights.

Often Unnoticed Marks Of Godliness – Sometimes growing in godliness looks like calling your wife on your lunch break to find out about her day and let her know you love her (something I don’t do nearly enough). Sometimes it looks like putting down your work or the book that you’re reading to lay on the floor and play Legos with your children (this post is starting to get real convicting!).

A Doubter’s Guide To The Creation Story – John Dickson is on a mission to help skeptics engage and understand the most popular book of all time, the Bible.

What Our Best Sellers Tell Us About Our Discipleship – By now, you’ve almost certainly seen the list of the top 25 bestselling Christian titles of 2014. But, of course, there’s one slight problem… Virtually none of these titles are identifiably Christian.

Dear You Who Doesn’t Want To Do That Hard Thing – Dear Lovely You, who doesn’t want to play the piano, take out the recycling, study for your geometry exam, get on the treadmill, clean up the basement, or do that big thing that feels like an impossible thing—

The 24-Minute Morning Routine That Will Make You An Entrepreneurial Rock Star – Not sure this article lives up to it’s title, but it’s an interesting routing nonetheless.

Crazy Plastic Ball Prank – Awesome!


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