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4 Reasons To Quit Obsessing About Heaven – Christians might be less obsessed with heaven if we better grasped four things.

2014 Christian “Best Sellers” – I found this list both interesting and scary. What can we tell about the Christian culture from what we read?

Terrorism Is Wrong; So Is Ridiculing Other People’s Faiths – I grew up in a religious form of life that was widely ridiculed by others–so much so that anyone who would publicly identify with it could count on being considered a “holy roller,” religious fanatic, probably ignorant, stupid and maybe crazy. I suffered much religious ridicule and even persecution for reading my Bible during “study hall” and for handing out “The Four Spiritual Laws” (a tract) to classmates. It made me very sensitive to ridicule and persecution of others.

New Benefits For Athletes Triggers Talk Of Cutbacks In College Sports – Interesting read in regards to how much money the athletic budgets are at various universities.

Christians Celebrate Supreme Court Approval Of Religious Prison Beards – No religion is an island. This is not just a win for one prisoner in Arkansas, but a win for all Americans who value religious liberty.

Your Average Life Now – What’s so bad about an average, middle-of-the-road kind of life if it’s the life God wants us to live? There are lots of average Christians earning average salaries with average families. They are not to be despised, but encouraged, prayed for, and even admired as they serve God faithfully in their ordinary everyday obscurity.

Josh Wilson Pushing Back The Dark Van Version – I’ve driven many van loads of people, but never any that sang this well.



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