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Is Islam Inherently Violent? – The horrific attack on the staff of Paris’s Charlie Hedbo has renewed questions about Muslims and the besetting problem of Islamic jihadism and violence. Is Islam inherently violent, and is Islam itself to blame for such crimes?

How Stress Shrinks Our Brains And What To Do About It Nearly three-quarters of adults report feeling physical symptoms of stress within the past month, according to the American Psychological Association and while 62% of adults have tried to somehow reduce stress in the past five years, only 37% have had luck in actually doing so.

Fishermen That Don’t Fish – “Follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” It is tragically easy for those of us in ministry to forget this, to get so wrapped up in nuances of theology and specific strategies that we no longer personally seek the lost.

The Indispensable Value Of Practical Theology – We are right to be concerned about a Christianity that only does, does does, and never knows – that’s unsustainable. But Jesus says we should be equally concerned with a Christianity that only knows, knows, knows, and never does – that too is unsustainable.

The Best 37 Business Books I Have Ever Read – A list by Michael Hyatt that is worth considering.

Stuart Scott And (Not) Responding To Internet Critics – I can’t be that concerned with how I’m perceived. I care about how my mother and father think about me and how my friends and how my loved ones think about me.

Grandma Attacked and Shares Her Faith 

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