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14 Pop Culture Events From 2014 You Already Forgot – 2014 was filled with significant important events. It was also filled with some of the silliest pop culture moments that took over social media for a few days only to be forgotten the next week.

Three Tools To Help You Memorize Scripture – Something all Christians should make their aim is memorizing Scripture. Whether it’s important verses, extended passages, or even entire books, there is something powerful about being able to recall glorious truths from God’s Word and preach them to yourself, and share them with others.

What Kids Around The World Eat For Breakfast – Americans tend to lack imagination when it comes to breakfast. The vast majority of us, surveys say, start our days with cold cereal — and those of us with children are more likely to buy the kinds with the most sugar.

The 22 Rules of Storytelling According To Pixar – If you are a writer or speaker these rules could be useful.

5 Habits Changes You Can Actually Make In 2015 – What’s better than a New Year’s resolution? How about real, lasting change in your daily habits?

The Church and the Dissolving American Family – A new Pew report has confirmed what we’ve known was coming for the American family: a majority of American children now live in homes without married parents in their first marriage.

Tim Hawkins – Always funny!

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