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Is The Era of Mass Evangelism Over: Why We Shouldn’t Rule Out Another Billy Graham Evangelistic rallies are behind us. The future is local, personal witness. So goes the common wisdom in many evangelical circles. Greg Laurie and Luis Palau are exceptions to the rule, but evangelistic meetings and revival services are in the past. Right?

Do What You Love Or Do What Needs Doing? – When given the choice—which not everyone has—either to “do what you love” or “do what needs doing,” which should we do—pursue our passions or prioritize our opportunities? 

Do You Think Some People Are “Unsavable?”– Go ahead and think about the person whom you think is the most unlikely to become a Christian. Now, ask yourself why you think this.

The Biggest Heresy in America – Thanks to a recent survey by Ligonier Ministries and Lifeway Research we now know the biggest heresy in America.

5 Ways The Doctrine of The Trinity Keeps Theology Healthy & Balanced The Trinity summarizes the whole Biblical storyline. More precisely the formula “The Father sends the Son and the Holy Spirit” is a summary of the entire Bible.

Someday It Will Be Worth It – Life is really hard isn’t it? If you don’t think so, give it a little time. But don’t give up, no matter how bad the pain gets. You won’t be put to shame. Keep rejoicing and giving thanks in all things. You can’t imagine your reward and the joys that await you.

More Important Than Getting Things Done 

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