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The Problem With Evangelistic Programs –  In a culture of evangelism, the goal is for everyone to share, pray, and take opportunities as they come – not just the pastor and elders. Our responsibility is to be faithful witnesses—together.

I believe that if members spent half the time they had spent on programs in friendly evangelistic conversations with neighbors, co-workers, or fellow students, they would see a better response to the gospel and reach even more people.

Let Your Dim, Sin-Stained Light Shine Before The World – The gospel is not simply the best self-help news out there, nor the hottest parenting or marriage techniques to transform your kids and your communication. It is the message that God, through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ, has made a way for sinners to be forgiven and transformed. 

What’s The Difference Between Prayer And A Selfie?  – American religious life is, probably more than we realize or wish to acknowledge, self-obsessed. When we pray, for instance, we’re usually thinking about ourselves and those closest to us, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research about the frequency and content of prayer.

Does The Bible Prohibit Revolution? – Interesting read in regards to how certain passages of Scripture were interpreted during the American Revolution.

Two Obstacles Keeping Us From Making Disciples – If we really believe God has called us to this task, if we believe he is with us, if we believe he wants to use us for his mission, then why aren’t we making disciples? 

Successful Ministry – So, as we go about the task of making disciples and bringing the blessing of eternal life to others, Jesus is with us to bring success. It doesn’t mean everyone will respond, but some will. We are not Jeremiahs, faithfully ministering, but with no hope of success. Knowing that, we will be persistent and courageous in the task, whether we feel Jesus’ presence or not. For God will do what he has promised – bring blessing to all peoples.

Sometimes you just want to say Thank You!

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