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Small Groups and the Transformed Life – We don’t take community and relationship-based discipleship seriously enough.

Why We Neglect Our Bibles – Many Christians find it difficult to get into a daily habit of Bible reading.

How The News Makes Us Dumb – If you are going to read just one out of print book with a terrible cover this year read C. John Sommerville’s devastating little book How the News Makes Us Dumb (IVP 1999).

3 Ways To Love Negative Nancy – Negativity comes in many different packages and people; emails and phone calls, early coffee meetings and late night barn-burners — how will you deal with it? I’ve had a man stand in my office, look me in the eyes and say, “I don’t like that you are the pastor of this church.” Thanks for sharing!

Social Media and the Sensation of Missing Out – Social media is both a blessing and curse as we all know and have experienced. One curse is that it facilitates the sensation of missing out.

What Kind of Procrastinator Are You? – Procrastinators waste too much time, but to get over this bad tendency, you need to know why you procrastinate.

What Is The Gospel? – Good words from Tim Keller!

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