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Three Questions To Help Diagnose Possible Football Idolatry Wherever there is a consuming passion for anything that is not God there is the danger of idolatry. And football is certainly a consuming passion for many in this country. So what are some of the signs that football has grown to idolatrous proportions in the heart of the Christian?

Can Everyone Be A Leader? Simply put, not everyone is a leader nor should everyone be a leader. But everyone is an influencer.

7 Signs Your Spending Too Much Time Looking At Your Phone Recent research has confirmed that cell phone “addiction” is actually a real thing. Professionals have even devised methods of determining if you suffer from a psychological condition that warrants actual medical intervention.

God Loves My Boring, Unimportant Neighborhood – I’ve not seen too many books on missions, church planting, and ministry strategy that addresses a city like mine.

What People Who Are New To Your Church Want You To Know Until you are new, until you’re a visitor, it’s difficult to understand what it’s like and to put yourself in a visitor’s shoes at your church, but it’s so important to try. A warm, welcome, and helpful environment is one of the most essential ingredients for a person to become a follower of Christ and grow and connect within the church.

I Want A “Do-Over” – The gospel is God’s announcement to failing people like you and me that we are now free from the slavery of “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Man of Sorrows – Some great theology in this song.

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