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5 Things You Can Do For Christians In Iraq – Like many believers around the world, I am horrified at the persecution of Christians in Iraq. It is a sobering moment to realize that the type of persecution I’ve read about so many times in the Book of Acts is happening in our day. Even our Lord Jesus spoke of the reality and the blessing that He will give to those who suffer for the faith.

3 Warning Signs I’m Too Busy – A good quick read for personal reflection.

3 Ways Not To Share Jesus – If and when you have the opportunity to share Christ with a Millennial, here are three ways you should NOT answer the question, “So why should I believe in Jesus?”

4 Moments I’m Preparing Students To Face – As I listen to and observe the faith journeys of former students and young adults, I often see pivotal moments along the way that constitute “make or break” tests of their faith. Discipling my students, I am preparing them for these four moments.

We Produce What We KnowIf we reproduce what we know, and we know that what is modeled before us is not working, then maybe it is time for something systemically different.

What Do I Use To Write In My Bible? – Some helpful thoughts for those like to take notes in their Bible.

Three German Students Surprise A Homeless Guy

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