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Three Tips For Better Bible Reading – One of the ways mentioned here is getting an idea of how long it takes to read certain books of the Bible and then carving out that much time in your schedule. There is actually a chart given to show on average how long it takes to read each book of the Bible.

When A Church Stops Reaching It’s Community – When a church ceases to have a heart and ministry for its community, it is on the path toward death. Whenever local churches are mentioned in the New Testament, they are always exhorted to be other-centered.

In Praise of The Quiet Time – If Jesus expressed and experienced his relationship with the Father through a “quiet time,” if the One who was, in fact, eternally one with the Godhead still took intentional time for personal prayer and Bible study, we would do well to follow his pattern.

The New American Dream: Searching For Spirituality – People are hungry for stories of spiritual discoveries – and for mainstream platforms willing to explore them.

Can You Love Yourself Too Much? – The answer is no. Absolutely not.
The issue is not how much you love yourself. The issue is how much you love yourself in comparison to God.

Five Great Books On Evangelical Christianity – This is for all you history people out there. It’s a list put together by Thomas Kidd, history professor at Baylor. Reading them will give you a great perspective of who we are as evangelicals from an historical perspective.

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