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Blaise Pascal On A New Study Showing Men Who Rather Experience Electrical Shock Than Be Alone With Their Thoughts
The Washington Post recently summarized a recent study published in Science showing a sad but not surprising result: men would rather experience an electrical shock than to be along with his own thoughts.

How Churches Became Cruise Ships – Just as modern cruise ships have redefined the passenger shipping, today’s megachurches have redefined our understanding of ministry. And like the cruise industry, megachurches have flourished.

Forsaken Faith – Thoughts on why an astounding number of college students are abandoning their faith in Christ.

The Great Commission Means Sharing Christ’s Story, Not Yours
We interpret The Great Commission’s “Go make disciples” as “Go tell your story.” They are not the same thing.

8 Questions To Boost Your Productivity – Spend some time reflecting on these (it may take a day or two), and remember to be honest with yourself.

Evangelism At Ease – Sweaty hands and a gnawing in the stomach. Nervous thoughts that can’t sort themselves out fast enough. The all too cognitive sense that the words coming out are forced, a formula you’d rather memorize than fumble through.

Ragamuffin Official Trailer – A must-see movie about Rich Mullins and the scandalous grace of God.

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