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Is Your Small Group on Mission or Missional? – When it comes to small groups, there’s a difference between being on mission and being missional. Which better defines your group? And why does it matter?

Preachers Aren’t The Only Ones With Pulpits – We are all preachers. Some of us deliver our sermons to large crowds while we stand behind wooden podiums. Others preach their sermons to crowds of two while driving to soccer practice.

The Key to True Productivity: Valuing What God Values Lots of time management books talk about the importance of values. But that’s not enough, because you can value the wrong things.

There’s No Such Thing As The Gift of Evangelism – Why is it that Christians are always looking for ways to talk themselves out of doing evangelism?

Should We Pray For Revival? – Ours is not the first generation to recognize the spiritual declension among us, or to see the need for God to awaken his church and touch our land. From the saints of the Old Testament to leaders in our time, prayer for revival has marked believers who understand the need for the Spirit surpasses our ability and intelligence.

How My Son With Autism Transformed My Business – Watching my son progress taught me that we underestimate the abilities and contribution of people on the margins. Seeing the way Austin is dismissed or ignored by others gave me the courage to stand up for those who are unjustly overlooked and ignored.

The Power of Giving


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