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Southern Baptists’ Millennial Problem – The 46,000 churches of the Southern Baptist Convention are baptizing fewer people this year, and most of our churches are not baptizing any millennials (which means, depending on generational calculations, people between the ages of 14-34, or, teenagers through early thirties).

Top 10 Christian Cliches We Should Probably Stop Using–Unless We Really Mean It

7 Signs That You’re “Judging” Others It’s what you do after you tell someone the truth that determines whether or not you are condemning—a.k.a. judging—them.

Six Lies Grads Will Be Told – It’s graduation season. And as such, scores of graduating students and their doting family and friends will be exposed to the senseless drivel known as a graduation speech. This speech is supposed to prepare the students to face the real world—or perhaps the “real world” of going to college.

What Millennials Want in Leaders – The Millennial generation has much to offer. As a whole, they desire to serve others. Most of them are very family oriented. And they really want to listen and learn from others. Indeed they are looking for a few good leaders to follow. When they find them, they will follow with commitment and enthusiasm.

10 Books To Read This Summer – A good list from Trevin Wax.

Just for FUN: Things You Do At A Wedding That’d Be Creepy Anywhere Else

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