One Reason You Should Develop Leadership Skills


Have you ever thought about the relationship between you developing as a leader and it’s impact upon society?

Consider this:  As you grow as a leader, it impacts you personally. This growth in your personal life then affects your work life. And as your work life is impacted and becomes more productive, then the organization you work in is influenced and becomes more effective. And finally, when your organization or business becomes more effective, then society is impacted.

Do you see the domino effect that can occur by developing good leadership skills?

Personal Skills

Your work

Your Organization

Our Society

Matt Perman, in his new book  What’s Best Next, writes about this relationship between our effectiveness as leaders and the impact it has on society. He writes that by us being more effective, we aren’t simply serving our bosses and coworkers better, as important as that is. We are serving our entire organizations and enabling them to become better as well, and thus serving everyone they influence (p. 304).

Leo Tolstoy wrote: Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Could this be because we don’t see the relationship between our personal growth and its impact upon those around us?

What if you began to understand and implement the dynamics of servant leadership? How would becoming more aware of the needs of those around you, specifically those you work with, make an impact? Would it increase worker morale? What about your boss? Could your servant mentality have an impact upon him/her?

There might be some reading this who don’t consider themselves leaders. You might hold a job that doesn’t have an official leadership title. Or you are  a stay-at-home parent or a retired member of a community. Regardless of where you are in life or what you do, developing as a leader is bigger than holding a title or position. Leadership is about influence.

You may not have a title at work, but your work, though you may think its insignificant, effects those around you. Your parenting has influence not only among your children but among other parents. If you are retired, there is an abundance of opportunity to make those around you better (My grandfather is a great example. Read about him).

Do you see why I think leadership development is important for everyone? As you grow, you impact those around you who in turn impact those around them and so on and so on.

Where do you start?

One place to start (or continue) your leadership development would be to do some reading. Below are a few books that I would recommend. Pick one and get to reading.

The Leadership Challenge: How To Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations by Kouzes and Posner. This book proposes that anyone can develop leadership skills. For more info about the book, read the review by Trevin Wax.

Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft. He writes: As a leader, everything I am and everything I do needs to be anchored in my identity with Christ. Leadership begins and ends with a clear understanding of the gospel and being rooted in the grace of Jesus Christ as a free gift.

You Don’t Need To Have A Title To Be A Leader by Mark Sanborn. This is a fairly short book. I think the title says it all.

What’s Bext Next: How The Gospel Transforms The Way You Get Things Done by Matt Perman. This is a new book and is excellent in helping one to understand productivity. This book has been tremendously helpful for me. For more info, read my review of the book.

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