The Miraculous Clothed In The Ordinary


Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and yet…

  • He was born in a stable.
  • His first guests were not dignitaries but shepherds.
  • He grew up in an obscure town which many people did not expect anything good to emerge.
  • His family, at one point, thought he was insane and did not believe in him.
  • His closest friends did not understand the heart of his mission.
  • One of his friends stole from their common purse and betrayed him.
  • One of his friends denied even knowing him.
  • Shortly after Jesus had washed his disciples feet, some of them argued about who was going to be the greatest.
  • He grew tired.
  • He went without food and became hungry.
  • He had no place to lay his head.
  • He suffered humiliation, rejection, and severe physical pain on the cross.

The miraculous was clothed in the ordinary!

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