Our Insufficiency Invites the Sufficiency of God


Insightful words from Kent Hughes

Those whom God uses have always been aware of their insufficiency and weakness, be it Moses or Gideon or Isaiah or Jeremiah or Ezekiel or Paul or Peter or John. And it was their insufficiency that invited the sufficiency of God.

God is not looking for gifted people or people who are self-sufficient. He is looking for inadequate people who will give their weakness to him and open themselves to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the transforming grace of the new covenant as it is ministered by Christ himself. 

If God is calling you, do not hide behind your weakness. I don’t know what he might be calling you to do–it might be a worldwide mission, it may be teaching a Sunday School class, it may be ministering to children, it may be reaching out in your neighborhood, it may be stepping up at work. But if he’s calling you, don’t hid behind your weakness–your weakness is the ground for his calling. Follow God, and he will use your weakness as an occasion for his power.

And if you are felling terrifying stirrings within your soul as he nudges you outside your comfort zone, where you will be out of your depth, give your weakness to him and accept his sufficiency.

God uses people who are weak because of their unique ability to depend upon him. 


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