20 Questions


Below are some random questions. Some are more reflective than others, but all are ones that cause me to think and do a bit of “soul searching.” Hope you spend some time thinking through them as well.

Isn’t discipleship much more than just information?
Why are we always in such a hurry?
Why do we not share the gospel with others?
Why have mission trips become so popular?
Can a church be too big?
Why is contentment so hard?
What does it mean to be the church?
Have we complicated what it means to do ministry?
Is reaching the world as simple as beginning a movement of making disciples who make disciples who make disciples…?
Why does it seem that church planting is becoming more popular than pastoring existing churches? Is this a good thing?
As technology grows, does it appear that we are becoming more impatient?
Why are many afraid of being bored?
Why do we like to brag about how busy we are?
What does it mean for a church to be growing?
Do we really understand the power of prayer?
Is it okay to be ordinary?
What does it really mean to be successful?
How difficult is it to treat everyone, including the guy who cuts you off in traffic, as someone created in the image of God?
Why is it hard to say “I was wrong?”
Do we really know how amazing the love of God really is?

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