Welcome! Glad you are here. As you click around on this site you will discover that there is a major emphasis on leadership, discipleship, and theology. Every post, book review, interview, quote, resource list, or reference to other blogs and news stories will therefore, in some way, be related to these things.

HOWEVER, at times I can get a bit off topic. I used to worry about it, but not so much anymore. What this means is that though I try to keep this blog centered on the themes mentioned above, occasionally I will wander. So don’t be surprised if you read about sports, history, or great places to eat chips and salsa.

Who Am I?

I live in Lubbock, Texas with my wife, Paige, and 3 children: Krista (20), Justin (16), and Josh (16). Yes, our boys are twins.

I am the director of the Baptist Student Ministry at Texas Tech University. I am also a graduate of Texas Tech along with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas


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